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Participate in competitions held before SaTML

Prior to the SaTML conference in April 2024, you are invited to participate in any of the 3 competitions that have been accepted to SaTML. Results will then be presented and discussed by participants and organizers during the conference. Please contact the organizers of the competitions directly with any questions you may have (more details will be shared soon by the competitions organizers):

  • Find the Trojan: Universal Backdoor Detection in Aligned Large Language Models organized by Javier Rando & Florian Tramèr.
  • CNN Interpretability Competition organized by Stephen Casper & Dylan Hadfield-Menell.
  • Large Language Models Capture-the-Flag organized by Sahar Abdelnabi & Nicholas Carlini & Edoardo Debenedetti & Mario Fritz & Kai Greshake & Richard Hadzic & Thorsten Holz & Daphne Ippolito & Daniel Paleka & Lea Schönherr & Florian Tramèr & Yiming Zhang.