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Call For Competitions (Adapted from the NeurIPS call)

We will be running a competition track at SaTML 2024. Through this call, we solicit competition proposals on topics of interest to the SaTML community, that is topic that advance the science of trustworthy machine learning.

We especially encourage submissions from fields with a clear positive societal impact and promote causes that use AI to help disadvantaged communities. Besides societal impact, we seek proposals in areas where machine learning can positively influence other scientific, technological, or business domains. We hope that interesting competitions will attract a significant cross-section of interdisciplinary and diverse communities to our SaTML 2024 competition track.

We will focus on data science competitions, where participants will compete to obtain the best score on a machine learning task of interest to the SaTML community, based on a well-defined problem and corresponding data defined and released by the organizers of the competition.

SaTML 2024 is currently planned to be an in-person conference hosting a dedicated Competition Track, where results will be presented and discussed by participants and organizers. Further details on the organization will be released in the following months.

Proposal Submission

Proposals for data science competitions at SaTML must be submitted via email at

To reduce the reviewers’ workload, we will accept only 3 pages submissions.

Reviewing and Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated based on factors such as:

  • Task(s): Impact, originality, relevance to the SaTML community will all be considered. Tasks that will foster positive societal impact are highly encouraged, although other topics relevant to the SaTML community are also welcomed.

  • Evaluation Protocol: Feasibility of the task chosen, sufficient data for training and testing algorithms to solve the proposed task, soundness of the evaluation criteria, and clarity and fairness of the competition rules will all be evaluated.

  • Logistics: The competition schedule, plan for attracting competition participants, and experience and diversity of the organizers will all be considered. The specific plan for attracting competition participants, including groups under-represented at SaTML, will be important during the review process.

Important Dates (anywhere on earth)

  • Competition proposal submission deadline: August 24th, 2023 (11:59 PM AoE, UTC-12)

  • Acceptance notification: August 31st, 2023

  • Competition track (during the conference): April 9-11, 2024

Additional Comments

Competition organizers should propose a timeline for running the competition to ensure participants have enough time to contribute high-quality entries. It is recommended that competitions be completed by mid March 2024 (that is, one month prior to the SaTML conference) at the absolute latest.

Competition organizers that require help or suggestions regarding competition platforms for running the competition can contact for advice.